There’s not much thought put into it now, but every time you come home in the cold winter and walk into you’re a warm home, you are experiencing the comforts of the modern home. A large part of keeping your home comfortable no matter what it’s doing outside is your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Your home’s HVAC is a modern marvel, but it’s not perfect. Your home’s HVAC system needs proper maintenance and care to keep it working in tip-top shape. There are areas of repair you must use an HVAC technician for, but there are several things you can also do yourself to keep things running, like changing out your air filter.

Homeowners forget that the air filter on their furnace needs to be in good condition throughout the entire year, even winter. Let’s consider why it’s important to always have a clean filter, even during winter.

Our Guide to How Often to Change an Air Filter During Winter

Depending on where you live, your furnace may not need to work as hard as the air conditioning part of your HVAC, but regardless of how often your furnace runs you still must maintain it, including changing air filters.

A dirty air filter is a bane to all HVAC systems. Both air conditioning units and furnaces need a clean intake of air to function. When your furnace’s filter is clogged with dirt and debris, your furnace must work much harder to pull in air. This intensified workload is not good for your furnace, and it will respond by shutting down, not producing enough heat, and can give you other issues.

Changing Your Air Filter

How often you change your air filter depends on your house, furnace, and the surrounding environment. A general rule of thumb is to check your filter at least once every 30 days. If you can see debris or dirt on the filter, change it! The good news is that air filters are cheap and easy to replace.

So, if you feel like your furnace is giving you issues, check your filter. Many times, furnace issues can be chalked up to simple problems like a clogged filter. When you change your HVAC filters often, both you and your furnace will be happy, no matter how cold it gets.