Don’t Be Left in the Cold By Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

//Don’t Be Left in the Cold By Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

Don’t Be Left in the Cold By Neglecting Furnace Maintenance

It happens to everyone. Your furnace shuts down and stops circulating heat, hours before the first blizzard of the season hits. If you’re anything like most homeowners, you probably don’t have the first clue of what needs to be checked, or how to fix the problem. Don’t be left in the cold by your furnace!

A comprehensive maintenance package and service agreement with Front Range HVAC will ensure that your furnace is updated and running properly. Here is a list of what you need to know, and why it will change the way your HVAC system optimizes comfort control throughout your home when you work with us.

3 Ways Front Range HVAC Helps with Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance: Parts and Service

When it comes to knowing the parts and functions of your furnace and HVAC components, it is important to work with a company that will educate you and give you the proper resources to know whether or not your system is operating properly. This doesn’t mean that you need to become an HVAC expert in order to prevent malfunctions.

You should never pay for a service and not know what you’re paying for. By working with HVAC professionals who give you a comprehensive checklist of every component within your system, as well as every component that has been checked or worked on, alleviates future confusion when something breaks, and guarantees that you will never be charged for something you don’t need.

Furnace Maintenance: Basic Cleaning

It is recommended by the manufacturer that your furnace annually undergoes general maintenance. In addition to checking for possible issues, this process includes a basic cleaning of your entire system. This cleaning includes the following:

  • Standard filter replacement
  • Cleaning of components in the combustion chamber
  • Wipe down of the furnace blower motor and exterior equipment
  • Cleaning of burners, if necessary, for proper flame travel
  • Additional cleaning of blower motor wheel, housing, and duct available upon request

Furnace Maintenance: Preferred Rates and Warranties

Just as you should never have to pay for a service without knowing what you’re paying for, you should also never have to settle for rates that are anything but honest and fair. Working with a smaller HVAC company that offers competitive rates without the overhead upcharges is the best way to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. Small businesses value their clients, and often offer individualized service that is backed by a relationship. It’s important to know that smaller companies like Front Range HVAC offer the same warranties as corporate HVAC companies, often at a lower rate.

Not everyone is an HVAC expert. The good news is you don’t have to be! Working with Front Range HVAC and signing a service agreement with ensure you’re taken care of no matter what your HVAC needs are. Working with a company like ours that offers comprehensive maintenance packages is a great way to guarantee satisfactory service that leaves your system running properly while avoiding the confusion of unexpected furnace maintenance.

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